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As a company we have been installing various facades since 2014.

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Who we are

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Our team of construction industry experts know how to manage and overcome obstacles to execute the facade installation as flawless as possible. 

Towards a brighter future…
Here at Vepak, we are looking at ways to encourage sustainability within the construction industry and be actively involved in reducing its carbon footprint.

We have recently partnered with prefabricated eco homes suppliers and further to our in depth knowledge of facade installation, we are working together towards our sustainable future.

Our vision
& mission

Our vision is to build eco homes of the future with new available technologies and material.
We understand that building a brighter future cannot be achieved by one company alone. That’s why we’re focused on partnering with new companies that have similar vision and drive.

At the same time our roots are in the facade installations and we will continue to provide an extensive cladding experience, from inception, to project managing, to installation, to completion.

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vepak façades

Meet the founder

I founded Vepak in 2014 with the aim to connect façade installation supply and demand chain and been working in construction industry since leaving the university.
I grew up in 580 square feet apartment with my parents and 3 siblings and I realise how tough this can be on other families. 

My objective is to build eco homes of the future that help solve the national and global housing crisis, while helping the climate change. I aim to use sustainable materials as much as possible to build the highest performing buildings in aid of “net zero by 2050”. 

In 2020 we have partnered with new manufacturer of prefabricated eco homes and have started our new division of installation. 

I aim to create a transparent space where our clients, our work force and our suppliers are equally respected. Only working together with the vision in mind we can create a better future.”

Eddie Porucius
Founder of Vepak Ltd 

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Our values

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Our values

Empowering everyone to feel part of the team and the mission

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Planet Earth

Use recyclable and sustainable materials

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Putting health, wellbeing and safety of people first

Transparency - vepak


Always act in an honest, direct, and transparent way

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Spend the time to understand customers, and solve problems from their perspective

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Health & Safety

We are growing Health & Safety awareness of our staff and others involved with our business.
This philosophy reveals itself in our commitment to do our best in ensuring that every person who works with us returns home safely, without incident or accident occurring.

We are accredited by CHAS and hold relevant liability insurance because we take Health & Safety and the training of workforce seriously. 

We work together with our Health & Safety consultants to make every project a safe working place.


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